Yoga, pilates and mindfulness for everybody

Two sisters venture to create a beautiful, spacious fun loving community space for students to grow though yoga, pilates and mindfulness.

Two sisters venture to create a beautiful, spacious fun loving community space for students to grow though yoga, pilates and mindfulness.

Our philosophy is simple

To teach yoga, to help you become open in both body & mind, to help you see your strengths, to help you find your inner spark, to help you become flexible in your life – both your body & mind, to give back, to believe in yourself, to open to possibilities and let yourself dance, to share our passion, love and knowledge of our practice and to show you that you can provide yourself a safe, supportive and comfortable community to do it with!

HYD Studios comprises of 3 bespoke studios all at one location and online!

Creating your virtual on demand studio space:

yoga and pilates online classes, anytime

We strive to provide daily varieties to include all body forms the spectrum of young to older, mobile to less mobile, pre & post natal - Yoga & Pilates for everybody

Come take time for you, for your body and mind… Come grow with us, on your mat…to be curious, to open to, to discover, to feel, to explore, to release, to increase strength, and most of all to believe in your own wonderful potential…

  • Reshape your body and tone your muscles
  • Increase your flexibility
  • Strengthen your spine & relieve back pains
  • Release stress, flush toxins out, and improve your skin
  • Improve and control your breathing, learn to meditate
  • Balance your metabolism and stimulate your auto-immune system
  • Boost your energy levels and stamina
  • Reduce the risks of sport injuries, and enhance your performance
  • Drink more water, eat better and sleep better
  • Mindful connections
  • Find that space that space of inner calm that helps fulfil your daily routines
  • Test your determination, focus, patience and balance
  • Discover yourself and improve your quality of life


Pilates is a powerful tool - learn how to consciously and consistently tap into the power of your core muscles to create stability and promote alignment


Yoga is a practice of strength and stamina with the added benefits of helping the restless mind become still


Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction techniques for coping with changing circumstances and anxiety through physical movement, relaxation, meditation and myofascial release

Yoga and pilates classes

On demand

Live/in studio

Yoga and pilates classes

On demand

Taking care of health and wellness helps us on this journey

Yoga is a powerful tool to build strength – in body and mind – that you can believe in

Our classes will give you the perfect combination of antidotes to take the first step in holding the reigns of the direction you wish to go in, including:








Chair Yoga