A good Teacher knows they are always a Student!!

Stagnant energy freed, opens a whole can of possibilities!

Simply connecting with all the different trainings inspires me so much to Create, develop and keep nourishing where I am at…. Simply being a Yoga Teacher and Yoga student in one !!! Amy Ippoliti, Susan church, Sibylle dallman, Ame Wren, Day Christenen, Marque Gareaux, a few of who I have mixed it up with this year and opened to then all…. All so wonderfully different in backgrounds, in teachings, but uniquely the most incredible teachers to learn from…

With all the different styles of yoga, and the personal touch that each individual teacher brings, choosing a class or training can be overwhelming. 

Surprisingly, this is not just the case if you are new to the practice, well-seasoned yogis and yoga teachers can often find their practice has become stagnant, repetitive, and even stale. Part of the practice of yoga is all about breaking down and challenging the habits of your mind and body, but somewhere along the way, as we become comfortable in the process, we just end up creating new ones me thinks??

Being a yoga student, or teacher (though a good teacher knows they are always a student!!!!), means noticing when you have become complacent in your practice. When everything starts to feel like second nature and you are no longer growing or learning both on and off the mat, I always think for me it’s time to shake it up and incorporate something new. This does not mean you have to take a completely different direction with your practice, you can simply find something that embellishes and compliments it. Taking a mini-course in something that interests you, or an additional training can unblock that stagnant energy. Investing in yourself in this way will leave you with a feeling of freshness and bursting with a new gorgeous perspective.

When choosing a workshop/training/class to take, I believe it does not have to be traditional ‘yoga’. Everything, on and off the mat, is yoga, and staying conscious and taking  right action throughout life is our practice. Anything you choose will add to the richness of your being. Whether is it cooking, mindfulness, dance, or that art course you have always thought about taking, you will be able to draw on the lessons you learn to enhance your yoga practice and your life.

One big set back when we feel stagnant, is working through the guilt of spending on ourselves and our own growth. When it is not something we necessarily need (like food and shelter) we often overlook the investment, deeming ourselves unworthy of the investment???

It is always a good idea to keep ourselves in check and notice when we have become comfortable. Stepping outside our comfort zones, even for just a different class with a teacher we haven’t tried before, can teach us so much. I love to do this…..If its not to our taste, who cares, as we have still learnt something about what we like and dislike, and can explore what this actually reflects in our own personalities maybe……

The opportunity to learn exists everywhere. There is such a huge variety available to us, and our own unique blend of the spices of life is out there waiting to be discovered. Our yoga practice – and existence – is an accumulation of everything we have sought out, everything we have directed our energy towards, everything that has excited us and inspired us to learn more. So keep learning, keep growing, and take opportunities that presents itself to you. This is how we become the students/teachers/people we are or have dreamed of…..

Big love Jo & J xxx


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