The Hot Yoga Dublin team is made up of an amazing, passionate team of experienced and dedicated yogis

Our highly accredited teachers have trained all over the world creating a diverse spectrum of yoga and Pilates classes to choose from – Vinyasa, Astanga, Hatha, Chair Yoga, Absolute Hot Yoga, Prenatal Yoga, Mum and Baby Yoga, Kids and Teen Yoga, Restorative & Yin yoga and mat Pilates.

Who’s behind hot yoga dublin?

Sisters Jo-ann and Jane Nolan have a vision to create a space for connection:

“to teach yoga, to free my mind, to open my heart, to feel my body, to get in the movement and to give a part of myself to others”

The Hot Yoga Dublin teaching team is made up of passionate, experienced and dedicated Yoga & Pilates instructors. Each and every team member brings his or her own wonderful uniqueness which helps create our beautiful space.

Each and every team member brings his or her own wonderful uniqueness which helps create our beautiful space

Lisa Phillips

Lisa Phillips has trained and taught in London, New York, and around Ireland, and is today based in her hometown of Dublin. She began her training while earning an MA in Contemporary Dance Performance from University of Limerick, and influences from dance remain central to her practice. Her classes focus on alignment, rhythm, flowing sequences and economy of movement. 


Lisa’s philosophy on teaching is to empower and enable students to find the answers from within. Her approach to yoga combines discipline and fun, challenge and release, creating a vibrant experience that rewards both body and mind. 


Always focusing on clarity, encouragement and compassion, she has been helping people find balance and fulfillment for 20 years. Lisa has worked with a lot of bodies and minds, from professional athletes to couch potatoes, stressed surgeons to chilled chefs, extrovert comedians to introvert writers, children to adults to mums-to-be. 


She is qualified E-RYT200, IYN500, and Pregnancy Yoga certified. She founded her own company, solemovement, in 2010 to teach yoga and dance full-time. In a move towards more happy healthy movement, in 2017 she co-founded YOGASTRENGTH with friend, physio and strength & conditioning coach, Shane O’Farrelly.

Breathe. Move. Practice. Repeat.


Gillian Farrel

I began practising Yoga over 10 years ago. Having acquired a couple of injuries I was advised to take up yoga, so, my initial introduction to Yoga was on a physical level. I quickly noticed how content I felt after classes and began increasing the number of times I attended. I was lucky enough to find a wonderful teacher here in Malahide who taught Ashtanga, and I suddenly realised how important the breath was in the practice and how my work on the mat would trickle out into my every day life.

I gradually became more interested in the spiritual side of the practice, the philosophy and in 2015 began my Teacher Training course in Samadhi in Temple Bar with the wonderful Greg Walsh and his amazing team.

I had caught the bug 🙂 I will be a student of this beautiful practice for the rest of my life. I am continuously taking workshops with some of my favourite teachers such as Kino McGregor, Amy Ippoliti and more. I graduated as a Yin Yoga Teacher this year and I am currently practicing the Intermediate Ashtanga Sequence.

My classes are generally strong with an element of playfulness…. as I said the mat and my every day life are pretty much in tune with each other.


David Rush

Although still a relatively new teacher in Dublin yoga, David has become known for a strong physical practice with a deep philosophical connection. His classes are designed to bring the student into a deep sense of connection with their true self and the world around them. To do this David combines the detailed grace of his teacher Meghan Currie with the principles of Embodied Flow as articulated by Tara Judelle in classes that engage the whole body/mind in exploring what it means to live the human experience, from its most physical expression to its most spiritual.


Jane Nolan

I Teach yoga, for the release, the energy, the love, the magic, the beautiful community I experience……. No matter where I am at walking through that studio door it’s a million times sunnier walking out” – Jane ohhh a little about me ? So a fire engineer by day, long office days needed some balance…. I began exploring yoga over 10 years ago and fell in love with the practice body, mind and soul………I was so in awe of the benefits my body and mind was cultivating as i allowed by myself to succumb to this little bit of magic! When Jo opened the doors of HYD in 2010 she created a welcoming space and freely gave her knowledge, love, dedication and herself really to share this wonderful practice……. I feel so grateful to her for always being so committed encouraging and supportive as I continue deepening and exploring the way of “Yoga”. I have completed and participated in numerous training courses including my 200hr vinyasa teachers training with Frog Lotus, Kids yoga with Yoga Bananas London, Pregnancy Yoga with YTTC Dublin, Yin Yoga with Josh Summers, Amy Ippolitti advanced Adjustments for tight bodies, Anatomy training with Karen Kirkness, Functional movement with Sarah Rampdson, advanced teacher training with Ana Forrest, currently I am completing my 500hr with Yoga Boann…… I have also a keen passion for mindfulness and alternative birthing methods, as experienced with the births of my three gorgeous babies……..I went on to complete my Gentlebirth Instructor, Doula & Mindfullness training with Tracey Donegan in 2014. My Classes are strong & dynamic. In preparing a class I incorporate everything I believe and love in ….. to try create a class that connects on a level of both physical and mental balance, rejuvenating and freeing the body & mind………leaving you feeling with maybe a sense of calm, peace and relaxation……. jxx


Susie Murray

My interest in movement began in dance. There was a freedom and ease that I felt when dancing and when I left dance behind I wasn’t sure if I would ever feel that again.My sister urged me to explore yoga and after a few classes I found the dynamic and transformative benefits of yoga supplied the home for my body and mind that dance had once offered.

The transition to a fully fledged yoga practictioner didn’t occur in one class but it was enough to bring me back to class again and again. When my practice turned daily and my classes to trainings I turned my focus to connecting and translating my practice to others.

I trained with The Elbowroom in 2007 and continued my studies in Hatha Yoga at Yoga Vidya Gurukul in Nasik India. Then continuing my education in movement I certified in Pilates and Barre through the Stott method in Complete Body Movement with Dani Gonzalez Ares and Joseph McCarthy, and once again returned to The Elbowroom to study with Susan Church to obtain the 500hr Advanced Yoga Teacher Training qualification.

My classes are all about the breath. I fully believe your breath is the key to connecting to the wholesness of who you truly are and letting go of what might be holding you back.

I have been lucky enough to have attended an eclectic array of workshops with internationally acclaimed instructors. My style of teaching is deeply rooted through my background in dance which lends itself to the smooth choreography of my classes. Alignment and balanced energy flow are consistent points of focus in all of my classes to inspire strength & conditioning and flexibility in the body.


Jayne Drummer

Jayne is a vinyasa, rocket and yin yoga, Pilates matwork, and reformer teacher and nutritional therapist. She is passionate about understanding how the body works and how to get the most out it. She likes to weave core control into yoga and flexibility into pilates. Her classes are strong and can be challenging but focus on body awareness, movement with control and purpose, function, correct alignment and flow. Her aim is for everyone to feel strong and in control of their bodies and their movement, staying fit and healthy whatever age


Melissa Curtis

Melissa has had quite the colourful yoga journey. Qualifications include: Bikram Yoga; a 250 hour Foundation; a 300 hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Training at The Elbowroom; Pregnancy Yoga Teacher Training with Robin Sale in Santa Cruz, California; Yoga for Pregnancy, Postnatal and Womb Yoga Training with Uma Dinsmore Tuli; Yin Yoga level I & II with Josh Summers; and Pilates Mat I & II with Susan Church and is currently taking part in world renowned, Amy Ipolitti’s, 300hour Yoga Teacher Training at Yoga Next Door.
Melissa’s has over 16 years experience as a yoga teacher, is a mother to 3 children with a passion all things pregnancy, birth and babies. Melissa is one of the founders and is the lead teacher in Ireland’s most comprehensive and highly regarded Pregnancy Yoga Teacher Training at The elbowroom, Dublin, that has seen women come from all over the country and from Europe to attend. She also runs the ‘Mum & Baby Postnatal Yoga Teacher Training,’ the ‘Wise Woman Training’ and the ‘Children’s Yoga Teacher Training’ at The elbowroom.
On her quest to continuously support women, Melissa has become a qualified Hypnobirthing Instructor, a Fertility Yoga Teacher with Sue Dumais , a qualified Infant Massage Instructor with the International Association of Infant Massage (IAIM), a Cuidiú Breastfeeding Counsellor, a Children’s Yoga Teacher as well as taking part in a number of DONA Birth and Postnatal Doula Training courses, one of which was with the world famous birth advocate Michele Odent.
Her weekly classes include, Pregnancy Yoga, Mum+Baby Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga , Yin Yoga, Nursing Home Yoga and Baby Massage, as well her well known monthly Birth Preparation classes for couples, retreats at the stunning Cliffs of Moher Retreat for pregnant women and Yoga Teacher Trainings


Hannah Ryan

Hannah Ryan is an Neuro-Muscular Physical Therapist (NTC) and Advanced Pilates Teacher Trainer with PTTI PTTI Mat, Barre and Bone Health Trained STOTT Rehab Reformer Trained Her mission is for everyone to feel lengthened, strengthened and centred after each session.


Stefania Ceolin

Hi, I am Stefania Ceolin, also named by Mata Amritanandamayi: Bhuvaneshwari and I am a devoted Yoga student, Yoga Teacher, qualified Life Coach, NLP practitioner, and psychotherapist. I began my yoga journey in 1999 at the Maharishi Sathyananda studio (Italy). I completed her first Hatha Yoga teacher training (RYT200) in 2011 in India. I later qualified in Hot Yoga (Barkan Method), Pregnancy Yoga and Yin Yoga. I frequently attend yoga workshops and courses around the world, practising with international teachers and exploring new ideas and techniques. I often travel to India to my beloved teacher where I volunteer in her ashram. I am passionate about Advaita Vedanta Philosophy, Astrology, Bhajans (devotional chants), and Self Development. I love traveling, reading and pizza :). I believe a beautiful light shines in every human being even though some of us forget our own true potential. My mission is to help people to shine and to get in touch with their light and life purpose.


Paula McCartney

I started Ashtanga Yoga 10 years ago as a something year old couch potato whose back was very sore! With kind and steady encouragement, and plenty of fun from my first teacher, Anto Kearney, I gradually got stronger and more confident. The physical and internal benefits of this practice for me (and my family) began to mount, and I became a firm convert. I had been well and truly bitten by the Ashtanga Yoga bug.
I went on to practice with Paula and David Collins in Ashtanga Yoga Dublin, Blackrock and this is where I did my teacher training. They are great anatomy and asana teachers and the emphasis was very much on the spiritual side of the practice.
I’ve learned to value the solitude of my own practice as its alchemy continues to open up unexplored areas of experience. At the same time, we are made for interdependence, so its my pleasure to practice with the various mysore communities around the Dublin area.
I like to practice with many of the senior, international Ashtanga teachers when my commitments, as the mom of three teenagers and a needy Labrador, allow!
Manju Jois’s approach makes most sense to me. He says yoga is about looking within, that this is where the real teacher is. He says simply relax and enjoy yoga.

I believe Ashtanga Yoga is accessible to everyone, you don’t need to be fit or young or flexible..just willing to give it a go!

Looking forward to seeing you in class.


Susan Farrel

Susan has been teaching in Dublin for 14 years. Her passion for yoga comes, as with many people, from a place of self-healing. She started practicing as a teenager, but at that time in her life didn’t hold her interest. But obviously there was something about yoga that drew her back to it as, at a particularly stressful time of her life she decided she needed yoga in her life again in her 30s. This proved to be very beneficial and a life changing experience. So, in 2007, after years of practice, she decided to do her teacher training, not necessarily to become a teacher but to find out more about something she loved.

Susan’s classes are fun, creative and flowing with a clear focus on alignment, anatomy and building strength and flexibility. They are challenging but accessible for everyone. Susan encourages her students to be patient and positive in their practice and not to get frustrated when they can’t achieve those advanced poses. Don’t give up….and with regular practice your body will adjust. You have the rest of your life to master a pose!

“for me yoga balances the body and mind and takes you away from your daily life for the duration of your practice, keeping you focused. It helps you reconnect with that peaceful, neutral place within and as I tell my students this place is always there and available to everyone.”

Susan did her original 500hr teacher training with Yoga Therapy Ireland and also trained as a yoga therapist there. She is trained in Hatha, Vinyasa, Pregnancy Yoga and Yin.


Judit Gazdacska

I started practicing yoga later in life…… I was immediately addicted and it has completely changed my life. I completed my 200 hours teacher training at Absolute Yoga Academy, in Koh Samui in Thailand in 2013. As my passion deepened for yoga, I wanted to enhance my teaching skills for pre- and postnatal women and children. It lead me to complete a pregnancy/postnatal yoga teacher training at Yoga Therapy Ireland and a Kids & Family Yoga Teacher Course with Rainbow Yoga. I also believe that more and more people need yoga not just for physical exercise but to de-stress from every day routine. This motivated me to go for a 50 hours Yin Yoga Teacher Training with Sarah Lo. I do CPD hours regularly to deepen my knowledge and be able to teach people better. As part of this, I completed 30 hours Anatomy for Yoga course with Karen Kirkness in 2017. Recently I discovered the powerful healing effect of sounds on body & mind. It guided me to take a Sound Healing Course, level 1-3 with Nadabrahma Health Academy in 2018. I love teaching yoga and still practice as often as I can. I quickly learned that it had a very positive way of healing the mind, body and spirit. I am now blessed to be able to bring the same joy to my students that I experience as a teacher.


Gayle Maguire

Gayle was first introduced to yoga at 16 years old and has been practicing ever since. She’s taught adults, kids and teens yoga since 2005. Gayle did her first yoga teacher training qualification in 2005 with the Yoga Therapy and Training Centre in Belfast, and then Yoga Teacher Diploma in 2009 with Yoga Therapy Ireland and in 2018 she completed her 500hr in The Elbow Room, Dublin. She regularly engages in further training with international teachers.

Gayle has trained in a wide range of styles including Pregnancy, Yin, Restorative Yoga and Hatha Yoga. She loves sharing the practice of yoga with people from all walks of life regardless of age, gender, social status or ability. Gayle has completed children’s yoga teacher training with Yogabuddies Belfast, the Elbow Room Dublin and with Yoga Bananas, UK. She’s currently training as a Cranio Sacral Therapist.

Gayle believes that yoga is such a diverse practice from ancient times that can be adapted and adjusted to suit the needs and abilities of all people throughout different stages of modern life. Yoga can help strengthen and support us through the good times and the bad times and may be taken at any level of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual growth.


Caroline Carthy

My main teaching areas include Vinyasa, Yin, Restorative, Kids & Family yoga. I began my yoga journey in 2011 and quickly fell in love with the connection it brought. After 5 years of dedicated practice & continual growth in Jan 2014 I completed my 200hr Vinyasa YTT with Frog Lotus Yoga in Suryalila Spain and began teaching yoga.

My foundation training had open my eyes to connect more of the process and I enrolled with Rainbow Kids Yoga in May 2016 completing my Kids & Family Yoga Teacher Training and 40hr Yin Yoga training with Jyoti Yoga Soul in Nov 2017.
Currently I am expanding my teaching experience towards my 500hr – “fit flow fly” with Bryce Yoga which finishes August 2018.

I also am qualified in some holistic Therapies some are as follows……
Reflexology (level 3 diploma QCF)
I.E.T (master instructor level)
Indian Head Massage

I focus on alignment in my teaching and my own practice. I encourage students to challenge themselves but to listen to their body and move at a pace that works for them and most of all to BE in the NOW and ENJOY this wonderful practice .
Shine bright, Namaste


Stephanie Padilla

Yoga came into my life a few years ago at a moment when I needed to reclaim my body and get some self care time after my first pregnancy. More than 90% of people come to Yoga to improve their flexibility, physical fitness, or relieve stress, and I was one of them. But quickly it became so much more than this.
I started off as an avid Ashtanga practitioner and then fell in love with Vinyasa. The feeling I get when I flow on my mat and let my body move through the asanas, with my mind focusing solely on the movements and the deep breathing, is like no other.
And it’s the reason why I decided to take my 200hr Teacher Training and learn from the most inspiring teachers such as Ame Wren, Karen Kirkness as well as Amy Ippoliti.
Teaching yoga is a way for me to give back and make people feel the way I feel practising with my amazing teachers.
So whether you’re new to yoga or an advanced practitioner, if you’re looking for a way to move, challenge yourself, breathe, let go of tensions and nourish your body and mind, join me on the mat!


Caoimhe O' Malley

“I began practicing yoga in 2009 while training in The Gaiety School of Acting. Yoga was apart of my acting course and provided me with such incredible knowledge about the body, breath and mind. Since then it has been a constant practice in my life, and has hugely aided me in being mentally and physically prepared for my work as an actor; both on stage and screen.
I love exploring and practicing different yoga styles; from Ashtanga to Yin – and all in between.
I completed my 200 hour Ashtanga/Vinyasa teacher training in 2019 with Boston Yoga School, under the guidance of Ame Wren.
I primarily teach Vinyasa Flow classes and love utilising the creative side of me to sequence dynamic and fun flows. I always like to bring a sense of play to my classes, and encourage my students to bring lightness and laughter to their practice. “


Mignon Van Der Linde

“Yoga forced me to listen to my body, mind and heart for the first time. I began my yoga journey only a short two months before taking a leap of faith and jumping into the TTC. I originally went to learn more about the practice of Ashtanga /Vinyasa. But when I returned and noticed the positive changes it had on my body and mind I knew that this powerful thing called yoga is something I wanted to inspire others to take part in.

I recently completed more training in India where I learnt more about Hatha yoga and found a comfort in the slow movements,static postures and deep breaths and completely fell in love.

One of the reasons I absolutely love teaching yoga is that at any moment teachers can be students and students can be teachers, It is a never ending learning curve.

I am honored to teach and learn from all who join my classes. “


Laura Linehan

“I fell in love with yoga when I was working in a corporate job and found myself eager for a quiet space to find more peace, mindfulness and resilience amidst all the noise of the hectic 9 to 5. I threw myself into meditation and from my meditation practice, I developed a yoga asana (physical) practice. As someone who had suffered with back pain and anxiety, yoga seemed to answer all my needs – physically I built up strength in my core and gained more stability and better posture, and mentally I found more clarity, focus and confidence in who I am.

My formal training includes a 200 hour teacher training with YogaHub, a Yin Teacher Training with Josh Summers, Pregnancy Yoga with Yoga Therapy Ireland and an Anatomy Training with Andrew McGonigle. Learning from many different styles, techniques and teachers, I bring these different elements to my classes. As well as teaching yoga, I work as an Executive and Life Coach to help empower people to be their happiest, most vibrant selves and I bring this focus to my yoga classes.

Yoga classes with me will be based around listening to yourself, focusing on the present moment and building up resilience to help you feel happier in the skin you’re in. “


Claire Staunton

“I was introduced to yoga in my late teens due to scoliosis and found it to be hugely beneficial back then. The years passed on and I began a love affair with Bikram Yoga over a decade ago. I went to on to do Bikram training in LA in 2012.

I then began a regular vinyasa practice (which became my new love) I followed with the Barken Vinyasa training in Florida in 2014.

I then decided to supplement my knowledge with a core based movement and I completed Pilates training with NTC in 2015.

I had always wanted to travel to India d study yoga, so late 2015 I travelled to Kolkata in India and studied yoga therapy with Ghosh Yoga College. This indeed was a life changing experience and solidified my belief in the healing powers of yoga.

In 2016, I travelled to the Mindful Academy in Spain completed a mindful yin yoga course. In Feb, 2019, I undertook Intermediate Hatha Yoga level with Zeb Homison of Zebyoga.

I am currently working towards my 500 hour teacher training with Amy Lppoliti of 90 monkeys. I enjoy immensely guiding people through a practice and assisting them in exploring themselves.”


Nikki Curran

“I have been practicing Iyengar yoga for almost 10 years and have been teaching for over 3 years.

I have completed my Introductory Level 2 certificate and am currently practicing for my Intermediate Junior Level 1 certificate. I believe that yoga is for all of us and find that it’s practice brings a healthy body, mind and spirit. Iyengar yoga helps to deepen the understanding of the poses through precision and correct alignment. My love of teaching comes from introducing the wonder that is Iyengar Yoga to everyone so they can experience all it has to offer for themselves.”


Jo-ann Nolan

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Emma Sheridan

I have been sharing my love of yoga as an international teacher since 2010. It has been a journey of self discovery, and an adventure that has led me around the world to lead classes, workshops , retreats and trainings in over 10 countries to date. Yoga has been an immense teacher and gift on the path. It has given me a profound sense of purpose, and unlocked an entirely new energy, creativity, passion and joy in my life 💚

My practice is what helps me stay balanced, sensitive, and capable of forming a deep connection to myself and others. My heartfelt intention is to inspire the same in you, so you can live vibrantly in your body, move through life with a greater sense of ease, and set the stage for healthier relationships within yourself, your community and with the planet!

My vinyasa classes move with curiosity through dynamic and creative sequences that flow seamlessly with the breath and are often challenging. Expect an embodied experience that encourages exploration, discovery and connection as we free the body from tension and increase the possibilities of movement and openness with integrated strength and support. Classes are tied to themes that range from the philosophical to the physical, and include pranayama, hands on assists, and carefully curated playlists, to leave you feeling grounded, renewed and awake in body, mind and Spirit!


Silvija Cuso

I came into Yoga with relatively little experience or any particular background in sports or physical activity. After having my second child, I started taking online yoga classes in the evenings when my children were asleep as a way of un-winding and de-stressing after what were usually very busy and hectic days. The classes I took were gentle and mostly focused on grounding and releasing tension. 
I craved alone time, where I could just be quiet and with my own thoughts and yoga gave me just that. 
After having a home practice for a little over a year, I joined a studio, amongst other things, to get a better understanding of alignment and refine my practice. The more classes I took, the more I wanted to come back. I enjoyed stepping into the studio space, it was like stepping out of the everyday busyness and into a quiet serenity. I also started feeling stronger and enjoyed how this made me feel physically and mentally. I simply couldn’t get enough. Not long after I signed up for a 200 hour yoga teacher training in order to deepen my knowledge, practice and just to immerse myself in everything yoga, without having an intention to actually teach. During the course, my attitude toward the practice of yoga changed. I noticed the impacts of yogic philosophy seep into other aspects of my daily life. It felt natural to offer the same back and I feel privileged to be able to be a part of other people’s journey. I am very much a student myself and I continue to learn daily and with every class I teach.”
Much love,

Kate Lynch

Even before I started practicing yoga, I intuitively knew that the practice would change my life for the better. In spite of this, out of fear of change or a mental block, I resisted attending a yoga class until, four years ago, when a friend dragged me to one – and I’ve never looked back, subsequently completing 200 hour YTT and a Yin training module. While I always knew that yoga asana was a practice that would be a positive influence, what I didn’t know was how it would infiltrate and positively impact every single facet of my life, bringing acceptance, patience and a sense of calm.   


In my classes, I encourage students to personalise and own their practice through allowing freedom in how they express a pose, while respecting the essence of ‘functional’ alignment. By flowing through the practice at a steady pace, I hope people will learn more about their bodies and what they need. My aim is to make the practice more accessible and to ensure students feel comfortable in the class by emphasising that each person will approach their asana and meditation in different ways, unique to their own energy, goals and constitution. 

I’m currently completing my ‘Yoga for Pregnancy’ certification in Dublin and soon to be starting a Yoga for Babies module.