Freedom of allowing your body to simply Move!

We’ve all experienced that feeling… You go to your favourite yoga class, do some asana, and leave feeling on top of the world. All of a sudden you are grounded, present, and in the flow. 

You may be thinking… what kind of magic is this?  Well, the good news is that this magic is accessible to you at any time, and shares your very first home with you; your body. 

Many of us do not even realise when our bodies are stiff, or where and why we are holding tension. This is especially true if we have spent most of our lives sitting, and not so long exploring and understanding the physical flows of our being. The simple truth is, our bodies were built to move. When we start to practice movement consciously and intentionally, we awaken a flow of vital energy inside us. We start to send signals throughout our nervous system that replenish and renew us. Movement flushes the body with feel good endorphins. The mobility of the joints increases, and the tendons and ligaments are rejuvenated.

In yoga philosophy, the body is believed to contain 72,000 channels, or networks, called Nadis. These are the conductors of our vital energy. When we experience mental, emotional, or physical disturbances, the flow of energy through one or more of these nadis is blocked. How we care for our physical body has great influence on the health of our wellbeing, and our ability to move energy throughout the body. We can purify the nadis through breath and movement, and as we do, we encounter a feeling of awakening and nourishment for mind, body, and soul. 

Our lives are dictated by an understanding of who ‘we’ are. We develop an identity of ‘me’, and soon enough we have accumulated the energetic patterns that shape their web of our lives; our direction, our relationships, and even our physical and emotional health. Practices like yoga, are designed to interrupt this identification of who we think we are, and guide us to becoming more aware of ourselves as a sensory field of energy, constantly shifting and flowing. If we move through a yoga practice with this in mind, we can feel where energy might be blocked. We begin to understand what we need to do to release it. 

Tapping into this understanding can cause changes throughout our lives. We may notice our eating habits start to change, our senses become heightened, and there are shifts in our worldview and interests. What is happening here is an emptying of lifelong patterns at a cellular level, life begins to flow through us spaciously and naturally. 

Science tells us that 99.9% of our cells are space, yet our eyes make us appear as solid objects. Awakening through movement leads us to find peace in this space, it bring us to a point of serenity outside of our identity. In this emptiness we become part of what the Native Americans call the great mystery of life, and our consciousness manifests into our body as pure love and bliss, free from the conditionings of our past. That refreshed and grounded feeling we have post-yoga, can be seen as a cellular clearing. It is our body beginning to experience itself without the lens of ‘I’. 

It is the start of our journey into a deeper understanding of our true nature me thinks.

Big Love Jo & J xxx


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