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Resistance Bands are the New Yoga Belt

Let’s see why? A major nerd at heart, I love to think about things like the similarities and differences between different yoga props and then

Jane Nolan

Now is the time to begin

Are you a stay at home mum? Are you a working parent at home? Are you an employee working from home? Are you a medical worker on

Rachel Land

Intro to Self-Myofascial Release

I’ll bet you hadn’t even heard of “Myofascial Release” 5 or 10 years ago, but if you google it now you get over 5 million

Jane Nolan

Physical activity matters!

Movement logic for our more senior community and those cocooned… The last 4-5 weeks have literally swept Ireland and the world off its feet, so

David Rush

Prana & health

The practice using the breath … discover the principles…… 1  Why practice breathing? So things being what they are, there is advice popping up wherever

Caoimhe O’Malley

Finding the constant in times of Change

Getting lost and finding your way… its a part of life… Change can be unnerving – to say the least. Routines are a great way

Hot Yoga Dublin

Falling Off Your Yoga Mat

By A student, a beautiful human, a mother of a child with cystic fibrosis As a Mum of two children, one of whom has Cystic

Jane Nolan

Restorative Yoga: why Practice it?

Mindful meditation at its best with the perks of feeling at your relaxed best !! Restorative yoga can bring us to a place where we

Jane Nolan

Chair Yoga from Studio to Care/Nursing homes

An initial pilot project that has created such amazing wonderful benefits both body & mind… Magically beyond our expectations  Chair yoga in nursing homes was

Jane Nolan

Decrease Digitally, Increase Mobility

Movement, like a force of nature, is a vital component to overall Wellness & Nourishment connection! Challenging Ourselves to wellness through movement and optimum health

Hot Yoga Dublin

Sound bath Meditation

A blissful way to end a Day! For almost all of human history, music has been used for healing. From everything to Aboriginal didgeridoos, to

Hot Yoga Dublin

Yoga For Kids?

What are the benefits… At the tender age of 4, we are already introduced to the concept of stress. School is essentially a 40 hour