Chair Yoga – For Every Body!

What do you think of when see the term chair yoga? Is it something you would try? While you may think chair yoga is only for people with physical limitations, the truth is, it’s a practice for anyone!

Yes, chair yoga is great for people who can’t physically do a more challenging mat practice, but it’s also great for anyone who spends any time in a chair for any reason! Is that you? (Or course it is.)

Even if you attend mat classes regularly, learning to practice yoga in a chair has many benefits. In fact, chair yoga offers the same benefits of any style of yoga. The difference is, your chair is your main prop.

Chair yoga is for you if you

  • have a sedentary job
  • are a student who sits all day
  • have trouble with mobility and need an exercise routine you can do while seated
  • are recovering from an illness, injury, or surgery
  • want to sleep better
  • want a calmer mind
  • want to feel more energized throughout the day
  • need to improve your mental focus at work or at school

All of us spend more time seated than we probably should. In fact, many of us spend our entire days moving from seat to seat. We move from the office or school to a car or bus to our dining tables or sofas. You get the idea!

Why You Should Practice Chair Yoga

It’s no secret that physical activity improves your health and well-being. Any time you move your body is an opportunity to improve your health. Many experts recommend that people who sit a lot should make a conscious effort to move every 20 minutes. If it’s not possible to leave the space where you’re seated, chair yoga is your opportunity to move more often.

Now what about those of you who have physical limitations that make it difficult to participate in a full yoga practice? Chair yoga classes are often designed with you in mind! For example, if you have arthritis, are recovering from an illness or surgery that has left you a bit weak, or if you are unable to stand or move easily, you can do this practice.

You can practice chair yoga whenever you don’t have the space to roll out your yoga mat (or whenever you don’t have your mat with you). You can also do breathing exercises and meditation in a chair. In fact, seated yoga poses are ideal for learning to connect movement with breath. So, chair yoga is truly a complete mind-body yoga experience!

Our Chair Yoga Classes

Teachers with chair yoga training know how to guide students to make the most of the practice. That means that no matter what reason you are practicing in a chair, you will still be able to move your body and experience the many benefits of yoga.

Our chair yoga classes promote full body strengthening using a chair as a prop to help open your hips and shoulders, lengthen your spine, and give you tools for relieving stress whenever you’re seated in a chair. The class is great for senior yogis, those recovering from surgery, people with physical limitations, and anyone who wants to ease into yoga with a gentle practice.

So, now that you know chair yoga is for you, I hope you’ll try it!

Our Weekly Chair Yoga class is Wednesday morning 11am-12pm with our Fantastic Lisa Philips from

Big Love Jo & J xx

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