Connecting with Positivity

You’ve probably heard the mantras. All we need to do is think positive and we will live happy lives. If you envision your goals and dreams with positive intent they will somehow materialise, right?

Maybe. If you feel positive, thinking positive will probably benefit you. If you envision your goals positively, work hard to achieve them, and see each failure as a learning process, then sure, positivity will help you.

But what if you don’t feel positive? What if you’re trying over and over to be positive but the truth is, you feel fundamentally negative?


You might think there’s something wrong with you, positivity is working for everyone around you but you just can’t quite grasp it. The truth is, positivity is only half the story. As human beings, we are blessed by living full, emotional lives, made up of both happiness and sadness, dark and light. Constantly trying to force yourself into the light makes the dark a scary place. By embracing both the negative and the positive, the dark becomes less terrifying and we become able to fully express ourselves in new ways.


Once we are fully aware of our feelings and recognise where the real positivity in our lives comes from, we can begin to train our heart, mind and will in being kind and compassionate.

To do this we need to create an ethical environment in which we are able to thrive. This includes the food we eat, who we chose to spend our time with and even the job we have. Building a supportive environment around us means we can fully address our negative feelings safely, and become capable in cultivating genuine, positive emotion. Allowing it in can translate across you life in such bountiful ways 🙂

Here are some ways you can cultivate true positivity:


Take some time to read (or listen to) books that encourage, inspire and motivate you. Nourish your mind and soul with inspirational and positive material.


Focusing on the positive is a practice. Start simple by concentrating on solutions rather than problems, eventually, you will be able to count your blessings in life rather than dwell on hardships.


Let go of negative thought patterns and beliefs about yourself and the world around you. Safely releasing these means you have mental space to grow new ideas and more productive behaviours.

Find Your Passion

When we are truly passionate about something, we usually only think positively about it. Passion gives us an unlimited access to inspiration and motivation, which in turn helps us to achieve positive outcomes. Finding our passions and using them to drive us will improve all areas of our lives, including our work, and our relationships.

The journey to increasing positivity, compassion and kindness is not always an easy one. Actively seek out what makes you happy and use it for inspiration, go after your goals and dreams. Live to the fullest by acknowledging both the dark and the light in everything and using them to consciously make decisions about the direction of your life. No one but you is responsible for these outcomes, no one but you can redirect your focus to reflect your inner light.

big love Jo & Jxx


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