Corporate Yoga

Yoga in the WorkPlace

There is no better way to boost morale and increase employee confidence than by actively choosing to care and look out for their personal wellbeing.

Providing corporate yoga classes in your workplace is a great way to reduce workplace stress & fatigue, increase productivity and to improve the overall balance of relationships between your emplyees in turn creating a happier and more motivated workforce.

We can provide classes

catering for all levels of yoga, needs & times to suit your schedule…… weather its a sunrise express to begin the day, a lunchtime re-boost or an afterwork release, give your staff the chance to open to the incredible benefits yoga has to offer on and off the mat!!

  1. Focused breathing, learning to use the gift of your inhale & exhale in every day situations.
  2. Mindful practice, releasing stress & fatigue.
  3. Detox, wringing out and re-energising internal organs of the body which is a must in such a seated society.
  4. Boosts your immunity, helps sleep patterns, strength & Flexibility.
  5. Creates a sense of calm & nourishment of peace for the body & mind.

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