Studio protocols for COVID-19

The most important thing is that we transition back into the studio mindfully and we will navigate this process with care to ensure we maintain a healthy and viable practice space. We know that many of you are excited to feel the community vibe again and we are excited to share space with you when you are ready and able.

We encourage you to continue your online practice if you have any risk factors, are taking care of anyone who might be at risk, or if you display symptoms of any kind or have been around large groups of people or others who are symptomatic. This is an act of kindness toward yourself and your fellow yogis.

We have implemented several rules and best practices in our studio as follows:


  • The hot studio will remain closed for the time being. Please come ready for class and only use changing rooms if you really must, showers facilities will not be available for use but toilet facilities will
  • All students must have a prior reservation as space is limited
  • Temperatures will be checked at the door using a no touch thermometer
  • Wearing a face mask is optional. The yoga room has a filtered air extraction with air changes every 2 minutes
  • Our teachers will wear a face mask at all times they are off their mat space as well. We have taken measures to provide more than 2m of space in the direction of speech for the instructors as an added precaution
  • The practice spaces are 2m apart in all directions and there are designated walkways between the mat spaces, around the check in and cubby areas and leading to the restrooms. We ask that you please use the walkways and not walk across the mat spaces out of respect for your fellow yogis.
  • Hands on alignment adjustments are not allowed at this time
  • Hand sanitizer is provided throughout the studio area and we ask that you continue to wash your hands
  • Please arrive on time for class

Props and supplies

  • We ask that you bring your own mats and props if you have them and to arrive with a full water bottle. We have water available for purchase
  • We will sell blocks at reception which we recommend you buy at least one and use for practice in studio and at home
  • Blankets will not be used at this time. Bolsters will be checked out for the yin classes only and the covers are laundered after each use

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to ask