Benefits of yoga, in short

With regular practice, discipline and honest effort you will:

  • Focused breathing, learning to use the gift of your inhale & exhale in every day situations
  • Mindful practice, releasing stress & fatigue
  • Detox, wringing out and re-energising internal organs of the body which is a must in such a seated society
  • Boosts your immunity, helps sleep patterns, strength & Flexibility
  • Creates a sense of calm & nourishment of peace for the body & mind
  • Balance your metabolism and stimulate your auto-immune system
  • Test your determination, focus, patience and balance
  • Boost your energy levels and stamina
  • Reduce the risks of sport injuries, and enhance your performance in anything you do
  • Drink more water, eat better and sleep better
  • Discover yourself and improve your quality of life!


What are the studios?

We have three studios located adjacent at one location - HotYogaDublin is our Hot studio, YogaNextdoor is our Earth studio next door and Pilates dublin is our dedicated pilates studio. All studios are independently entered at street level

Do I need to prebook classes?

Yes we advise all classes are pre booked, you can download our app Hotyogadublin or through this website

Do you do Pregnancy yoga?

Yes all our prenatal classes are held in our earth studio yoga next door tuesday evenings at 7pm with melissa from tummy love

What are the benefits of the heat?

Heat in the room helps by promoting sweat and thus flushing toxins from your body. Heat also helps loosening up tendons and ligaments in your body allowing you to get deeper into postures and prevent injuries.

How will I feel after my first couple of classes?

A strong body and calm mind not only feels better but functions a whole lot better. Benefits:

  • The first class for most beginners is generally challenging. This is because you are not used to the temperature of the room. It usually takes 2-3 classes for your body to adjust to the room temperature and start enjoying the heat. It is also not unusual to feel nauseous or dizzy during your first class. Usually the problem is that you do not drink enough water. In the heated yoga room, your body needs adequate water to allow for perspiration to release heat from the body. It is estimated that one needs 60-80 ounces to allow a 60-min practice in a heated room.
  • Some might feel disoriented or like you need a good nap. This is likely because your body has begun to cleanse itself as a result of the yoga practice. This sensation will disappear after a few classes when your body becomes stronger. Try to rest more, especially the night leading up to the practice. You will feel more energised throughout the class and the rest of the day.
  • You might also feel sore and stiff the day after your first class. Don’t worry about this too much or let it keep you from coming back. Even if you feel stiff and sore, you can practice yoga. In fact, the feeling will generally go away once you warm up.

Will hot yoga help me lose weight and tone my body?

Yes. Yoga is also known as an aerobic exercise. The use of breath and heat (created by internal & external sources) combining with yoga poses increases heart rate, metabolism, eliminates toxins and reduces food cravings. It is estimated that you will burn between 400-600 kcal per yoga class. Most yoga poses work all muscles and burn fat resulting in a stronger and more toned body.

Should I practice hot yoga while menstruating?

It is perfectly safe to do hot yoga when menstruating. Inverted poses are normally the poses to be avoided during menstruation, but there is no inverted poses in Hot Yoga. Women’s cycles are said to become more regular while complaints of menstruating pain decrease.

Should I practice hot yoga while pregnant?

Pregnant women are recommended to choose another style of yoga that is gentler.

Should I practice if I have asthma, emphysema or bronchitis?

Yes. Hot Yoga can be good for you in several ways. It is done in a heated room which promotes relaxation of the muscles and nerves, and is the type of exercise that you can do with as little or as much intensity as appropriate for your needs. However it is very important to get written consent from your doctor prior to taking the class.

How are our teachers trained?

All Hot Yoga Dublin teachers are highly trained and accredited at the 200-hour level which is the standard certification level for 90% of teachers worldwide.

It is important that all students consult their doctor before engaging in a new fitness program. A written letter of approval is required by any students who are attending the class under various health conditions.

Yoga etiquette / new students

  • All classes are 60 minutes long & start on time
  • Arrive 15 minutes before class begins to allow yourself time to sign in and prepare for class
  • Please come on an empty stomach (don’t eat 2/3 hours before class) and well hydrated (drink at least one litre of water before and after class)
  • No shoes in the yoga room
  • Please turn off all mobile phones
  • No eating in the yoga room
  • Hot yoga Dublin is not responsible for any lost or stolen property. You are welcome to take your valuables into class with you
  • Bring a yoga mat, two large towels and water
  • Wear light clothes; remember you’ll be sweating so anything heavy or baggy will be uncomfortable. Shorts and a t-shirt would be suitable
  • Try not to stand directly in front of another student. Stagger each row
  • If you feel like resting during the class sit down on your towel and drink some water
  • It is important to stay till the end of class. Even if you feel like leaving, sit down and drink some water, you will feel better in a matter of minutes. Try to do one set of each posture. After a few classes you won’t feel like leaving!
  • Relax and ENJOY yourself, we’re all working together!! Just listen to your own body and do as much as you can in class, gradually building it up over time