January – wheels in motion….

The festive season is well and truly over. By now we have put away our decorations, closed the wine cabinet (at least for a while), and are starting to get back on track with our old, familiar routines. How is your January going? Are you starting as you mean to go on?

Maybe you have decided 2018 was a year for change. Perhaps you have taken up Veganuary or Dry January in an attempt to cleanse after the indulgent holidays. Whatever you have chosen for 2018, it is important you are setting the stage right for the rest of your year to unfold.

It always takes a week or so before things start to feel completely normal. You might even find you finally get some of that valuable alone time again. Finding time to rest, recover and reflect in January is vital. Use your alone time wisely to help encourage those new year habits you set yourself at the beginning of the year.

Below are a list of questions for you to contemplate when you have some time to yourself. By consciously reflecting on our lives we open up new ways to see ourselves. Avoid the January blues by starting to create long-lasting positive change, setting you up for a wholesome and happy year. You could even use a journal to record your thoughts and feelings as you transition into 2018.


How do I feel about my body?


In what ways am I good to myself?


Reflect on your relationships.. Do they nourish you? What do they bring to your life?


What does the best version of yourself look like?


What are you most proud of?/What has been your greatest creation?


What was your most courageous act in 2017?


Where do you feel most energised?


Take about 10 minutes over each question to really think about the answer. You may find something that surprises you. If you’re feeling motivated you can even repeat these questions every month to notice what changes.

Feel free to comment or pop into the studio and let us know your answers!


Big love Jo & J x



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