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What Makes a Good Yoga Mat?

One question I am always asked is.. what is a good yoga mat? In response to this question, I have written an exploration of 4 different makes. I have owned all of these mats, so this is an open, honest answer that comes from my own experience. Most of my classes are in the hot studio and I really don’t want to slip or have to keep readjusting my position!!! When looking for a mat  it needs good grip, isn’t too thin, but is also light enough to travel with and available in green 🙂  For yogis, choosing a new mat is almost like buying a new car (dare I say that!)…….  You want to be sure you can get a lot of practice out of it, and that it feels like your practice gets better…. Like your mat needs to allow minimal distractions from positions etc to really enjoy and gain the most from a class I think……

Manduka Pro Mat – €105 Colour Grey/Black

This mat is two sided and was advertised as being perfect for hot classes – I could not wait for it to arrive! However, when it did I was a little disappointed. I still found myself slipping all over the place and I had to practice with a towel across the top.


The thickness and cushioning was amazing, perfect for savasana.

The colour was durable and didn’t fade after many uses.


No grip at all! Not ideal for a sweaty practice.

Heavy in weight.

Lululemon Travel Mat – €42 Colour Green

This mat is rolls up nicely and is lightweight. I bought it in a beautiful green colour which I really loved. However, there is almost no cushioning and the grip – although better than the Manduka – is still not quite what I’m looking for. I sometimes would practice with another mat underneath it.


Lightweight and great for commuting or traveling.

Pretty colour selections


Very thin – needs a second mat under it.

Needs a towel on top to stop slipping.

Picks up stains easily.

Gets squashed if something is placed on it while it’s rolled up.

Jade Yoga Mat – €70 Colour Navy Blue

One of my favourite mats. This comes in a variety of colours, some of which are two-sided. It has a good grip and is nice and light. Similar to the lululemon variation, it is just that little bit too thin.


Colours are beautiful and two sided.

Lightweight and easy to carry.

Great grip


Just a bit too thin, uncomfortable for stretching poses and savasana.

Liforme Yoga Mat – €115 Colour Green

This was my most recent purchase and my favourite of the lot! It is a little more expensive but definitely worth the money. The grip is unbelievable, even dripping with sweat there is not slipping – no towel is needed! The cushioning is great and it comes with a bag for easy carrying.


Comes in a range of bright colours. Naturally, I chose green.

Amazing grip.

Comfortable cushioning.

Great for handstand practice.


The lighter colours are a little harder to clean.

Practicing jump through you might get stuck!

 I hope my little guide can help you to chose the yoga mat that is right for you. Make sure to consider your yogic needs. Is your practice more yin than yang? Do you often practice in a heated studio?

With the right mat, you and your yoga practice will feel more fluid and invigorated than ever.


Big love Jo & J xx





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