Mindfulness & Yoga Connections

What is Mindfulness?

By Definition “the quality or state of being conscious or aware of something”. To me its allowing the mind to take a step back before the constant overloaded integration of heavy modern technology use and getting into the moment of the Magical beauty that is life.

Mindfulness is a phrase that is cropping up all over the place – workplaces, Schools, communities, groups, sporting enthusiasts etc as Media, social media and priorities to stay on top accelerate like never before.

How can mindful techniques benefit you or me? I think by freeing the mind, by getting in the moment, by releasing tension, worries & to-do lists on the day……. It refocuses you into the present allowing you to wholly savour the moment. Nourishing and cultivating this simple awareness of the present moment and introducing mindfulness into daily life supports a life filled with more contentment and clarity.

How can you get mindful? well by practising it, studying it or maybe researching it though books is a good way to know the tools you will need for your toolkit of practice…. right?
But i feel sometimes these toolkits when full get left on the high shelf maybe unopened and collecting dust!

I completed my Mindfulness training about 3 years ago and never got anywhere near the benefits that practising yoga in studio gave me. In the surrounds of a yoga studio with a group of people either at home or abroad there is this unbelievable feel of energy and flow in the room that cultivates and oozes awareness of the moment.

The Space/room becomes a “Yoga Space” free from judgement, competition, media, social media, outside distractions etc…… as the class progress the mind softens, releasing and letting go of all busyness of the day. In turn allowing you to tune into your body mind awareness of what is actually happening in the present moment – The power of the breath, the releasing of stagnant energy, the refreshing of internal organs, the building of a healthy relationship with yourself, the connection of belief, the surround of love, the making of a community, the flourishing of the moment radiating into your journey……

After nourishing and strengthening the body through a mindful physical practice our favourite “Savasana” is welcomed with a complete surrender to gravity (on our mat) as the mind & body becomes still to the outside surrounds of that space that continue to hustle & bustle.

The feeling, energy and peace that ensues in the body and mind is one of a mindful release and will indeed make people wonder why your are smiling 🙂 The positivity to your everyday life that follows is a source of freedom that opens the heart and makes everything more approachable!

So Why not come explore for yourself……… open to a mindful practice……. Yoga, Every damn day !!

Big love Jo & J xx

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