New School Year coming around the Corner!

New School Year, Let’s Get Back on Track!! I live my year with the school year so kind starts in September and winds up in June!!! SO the perfect time to start something new for me is this time of year to keep it all balanced 🙂 with kids you know how it goes!!!!

Summer brings us many gifts, long sunny afternoons spent in the garden, warm evenings, and lazy mornings. We spend more time with those we love, and everyone seems to have a far more laid-back attitude to life. We allow ourselves to let go of routine, spend more time outside in nature, and take a much needed rest. But inevitably, as quickly as it began, summer comes to an end. Sometimes it feels that as soon as we have started to enjoy the golden evenings and cloudless skies, we are starting to think of September; new school uniforms, early mornings, packed lunches, and the inevitable change that comes with the end of summer. The invaluable lesson available to us is to use the gifts of summer to get back into routine with as little stress as possible, teaching our children to ebb and flow with the changes of the seasons, rather than resist them.

Staying Present

The greatest lesson we can take from summer is Presence. During the warmer months we often catch ourselves finding magic in the ordinary; watching our children play peacefully in the sun, sitting with someone we love beneath a clear evening sky, and even just taking a moment to appreciate the vibrant beauty that appears radiating from all life under the bright rays of the sun. Through the transition to autumn, these things don’t disappear. Perhaps they appear to us a little less shiny, and our minds are a little more distracted, that appreciating them takes conscious effort. Acknowledging the blessings in our surroundings is a constant journey back to the present moment. As we move into September, try and practice this as often as possible. Take the role of the witness from time to time and learn how to release stress through breath and presence.

Make Time To Do Things You Love

Summer is usually full of adventure, both big and small. We go on holiday, to the park, out for dinner, on picnics, to festivals, to outdoor swimming pools – and so much more! But who says we need to have warm weather to make time to do things that feed our souls? Time may seem more available to us during summer with long days and school holidays, but the rest of the year, our free time is completely under our control. In summer, inspiration is everywhere, in autumn and winter we have to actively seek out inspiration. Doing so will teach our children how to have fun. It will show them that life can be lived creatively, and joy can be found in all the seasons.

Being Comfortable With Change

Change is inevitable, it is happening all the time. Luckily for us, the seasons give us the opportunity to embrace change multiple times a year. Every year we have a chance to improve ourselves, to notice our reactions as we face change yet again, to show our children how to move through times of transition with grace and fluidity. At the end of each summer we can feel comfort knowing that it will come again next year, that we enjoyed our time as fully as possible, and that autumn and winter also bring gifts and lessons of their own.

Big love xxx


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