New to Yoga

We all start as a beginner at everything!!!! So don’t be worrying……

Come to enjoy, to learn, to discover, to release, to connect, to exercise, to be free, to be happy, to unwind, to gain flexibility, to build strength, to gain confidence, to see, to focus, to slow down and enjoy living……………

So your new to yoga, would like to try it and unsure what class might suit you best?


As a beginner its important to bring the right attitude with you to class, attend wholeheartedly and always enjoy and be open to where your practice is at. Yoga is the most wonderful, mindful practice for both the body and the mind to help you release and incorporate all of its benefits not just on your mat but in your day-to-day life.

We always (Jo & Jane) say keep your practice on your mat in class, meaning you will be seeing different levels in class but its not about how you look in the mirror its more about what your body is feeling. Following the teachers instructions allowing yourself to go to a nice intensity in the postures but if its painful or sore be aware to pull back.


Yoga can be slow progress, thats ok… it teaches us to slow down and be more mindful….. it requires practice….. patience…… progression….. enjoying the journey of exploring and gradually building your practice with time…..


In essence you are tuning in and learning to become aware of how your body moves with your breath, discovering the benefit’s unleashing as you begin to open and release the various energy channels in your body. Building strength, stamina & confidence allows you to believe in your own wonderful potential.

Hydration is extremely important before, during and after class. we recommend up to about 1Litre of water intake in addition to your usual daily hydration during the day leading up to class you take. Again as you sweat your body will loose electrolytes and we recommend replacing these with a Coconut water, banana or equivalent.

“Fall in love with taking care of yourself , mind, body & spirit”


Our studio presents a range of classes suitable for those who wish to ease into their practice and see what all this yoga lark is about ….

Recommended classes for Beginners

*Alignment Yoga Monday 7pm (Ynd)

* Slow Vinyasa Tuesday 6.15pm (Ynd)

*Restorative Yoga Monday 8.30pm (Ynd)

*Yin Yoga Tuesday 4.30pm (Ynd)

*Chair yoga Wednesday 11am (YND)

*Slow Yoga Wednesday 7.30pm (Hyd)

*Candlelit Yin Thursday 7.30pm (Not Heated) (Hyd)

*Freshen up Flow Friday 6.15pm (Hyd)

*Slow Yoga Sunday 8.30am (Hyd)

*Candlelit Salutations Sunday 7.30pm (Ynd)

Slow yoga classes Wednesday @7.30PM, Friday 9.30am & Sunday @8.30am are a great introduction if you are a beginner, the teacher will lead the class through a slow flow, allowing the student to get to grips with the foundations

Freshen up flow on Friday’s @6.15pm is a great class to learn the basics or refresh on your practice. Brian guides you through a gentle class with no advanced postures or inversions.

Candlelit Yin Yoga thursday @7.30pm and CandleSalutations Sunday’s @7.30pm are not heated. Yin yoga will complement your regular practice and help you delve deeper allowing your body to open whilst consciously relaxing. Our candlelit salutations is a 90 minute Yin/Yang Class which allows the body to generate heat naturally and then to unwind and relax down with a yin meditation… i think its the perfect most beautiful class to end one week and prepare for the one ahead……….