Now is the time to begin

Are you a stay at home mum? Are you a working parent at home? Are you an employee working from home? Are you a medical worker on the frontline? Are you a more senior member of the society whose periods of isolation have become more pronounced?

I’m sure you and I fall into one of these categories and with a mammoth amount of restructure in the way we live our daily lives…

We are in essence a less socially interacted society, with that comes an array of dynamic feelings from events that happened to us maybe personally in our family life or professionally in our work life over the last six months leading to rising anguish, to frustration or maybe fear, etc…

As we approach the Autumnal season and for me back to school, I really believe this year NOW is the imperative time to create routines that give you a connection and sense of stability, this will ensure the reboot for the nervous system and downtime that the body & mind most of us are craving right now… This can show up directly in the body (pain, headaches, etc.) or indirectly (emotional, feelings, tensions)

Now is the time that physical activity breaks matter, from the endless scrolling and overworking to make things work… Our bodies & mind need time out!!! It is these movement breaks that will reboot you.

A mindfulness based exercise such as yoga is the perfect antidote “regulating blood glucose levels, improves muscle skeletal ailments, moderates the nervous system and regulates the cardiovascular system”

What can we gain?

Well, Mum gets an instant release from a hectic day, the working from home parent gets a mind & body break from moving straight from employee to parent (that commute break is gone), an employee gets a change of mind scene, the medical worker gets to log out, the more senior member of the society has something functional to look forward to daily…


It’s healthy, I believe to get in tune with what gives you that experience to feel good, alive and released. Not just temporarily but to really free the body and mind from its current state of emotions and without attachment.

For me, a yoga, pilates class, or cycle on my bike can literally empty the trash from my mind leaving a feeling of weightlessness and buoyant spaciousness… Then when you get to feel this, allow your whole self to drive right into that ocean of space and diffuse around every inch of your being. This calm resonates within your body making it stronger and more resilient to tune in and deal with or “take back on” whatever way your life is navigating right now… We all need this strength!

When we allow this tonic of nurturing we are capable of handling now… Whether it’s being a less tired mum or for better productivity at work or simply a calmer mind…

Allow yourself the space to begin now… you don’t need to see the whole staircase to take the first step… But taking the first step brings you one step closer to starting that class, to connecting yourself back for you…

Big Love J xxx


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