Plastic Consciousness over Convenience

I am guilty of overuse but staring to make conscious changes!

With so much talk on this topic its hard not pay attention……Plastic is everywhere we look. It is in our homes, in our vehicles, toys, almost all packaging, and now it is making its way into the oceans and manifesting inside the very food we eat. Due to its convenience and cost efficiency, it has become on of the most widely used materials in existence, but we are discovering at a great expense to the environment, and even our own health.

How Plastic Impacts the Environment

A little bit or research tells me it takes anywhere between 500-1000 years for a single piece of plastic to degrade. This means that every single piece of plastic that has ever been manufactured still exists on the planet today (and will continue to exist for a long time). Statistics show there is enough plastic thrown away each year to circle the earth four times over!!!

Our living planet is highly intelligent. She is made up of many, varying, natural eco-systems, that work together to bring us clean air and water, pollinate crops, control disease, and regulate the climate. Unfortunately, pollution from plastic is throwing the delicate dance of nature out of balance. Put simply, plastic is destroying the food chain, starting in the oceans. If this cycle of destruction continues, what will happen?

How Plastic Impacts our Health

1. Most plastic items contain chemicals known as Phthalates, which is added to plastic to make it more flexible. Phthalates are extremely toxic to humans, and research links exposure to them with weight gain, resistance to insulin, hormonal imbalance, and issues with the reproductive systems in both men and women. These harmful substances can be released and absorbed simply through surface contact with them.

2. Bisphenol A (BPA) is a chemical used in hard, clear, plastic (water bottles, toys, Tupperware, food packaging etc). BPA leaks into whatever food or drink is contained inside it, occurring at a faster rate when the contents is heated. Overexposure to BPA can lead to fertility complications, early puberty, the appearance of hormone dependent tumours, polycystic ovaries, and metabolic issues.

**Note you can purchase BPA Free reusable products!!!

What Can I Do, one single individual? – get conscious about my choices to begin with!! Get my kids in on the action to remind MUMMY!!!

Managing our plastic usage with regard is not easy, especially as it is already everywhere, and often the easiest option. It becomes even harder when (like me) you are a busy mum of three, juggling packed lunches, school runs, and weekend events. Sometimes plastic really feels like the only and easiest option.

However, it is more important now than ever that I choose consciousness over convenience. It only takes a few changes and conscious decision making from moment to moment to ensure a better future for our children. We can replace all drinking containers with glass or stainless steel models. There are even a few good variety glass, bamboo and stainless steel Tupperware brands, so we can prepare food ahead of time and store it safely (and toxin free!) in the fridge. Brown paper bags are also a great alternative to store food when possible! – I am going back to purchasing of the good all reliable brown bags for lunch….

For single use plastics, we can avoid most of these simply by being prepared. BUT this is hard, as I do my weekly food show everything seemed to be pre wrapped…… I have gone back to buying from the deli counter & local Veg shop who pack in small boxes!!! Always buy items in glass if the option is there, if not, opt for loose plastic free items. Of course, packaged food will sneak into our diet every so often, so make sure to transfer the food to a glass container when you get home, and reuse or recycle the packaging. Single use plastic bags can be avoided if we take our own reusable bags when we are going grocery shopping. These are available now in most well-known grocery stores.

I believe by tuning into my awareness of the reality of the situation starts to shift, you will notice alternatives, and discover YOUR OWN WAY of making a difference. 

By Starting to make even small subtle changes now all accumulates to a safer world for the generations to come. Our hopes and dreams for the world must begin with us. Using less harmful products is a way of staying in our integrity, speaking our truth, and ensuring we are doing our part for a better future!!!

Starting with Yourself, will maybe open other peoples eyes and gently ripple around………

While not always easy (to change – so don’t be hard on yourself for not doing enough – even the smallest step in the right direction can sometimes actually be enough) in time, consciousness will reign small victories 🙂

Big Love Jo & J xx


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