Welcome to our beautiful studios

Here, we dedicate to the practice and magic of what we believe in creating the perfect atmosphere for you as a student to travel on your wellness journey...

Our studio spaces offer you the perfect opportunity to escape daily stressors to a tranquil urban retreat style setting, giving your body and mind the chance to revive

Our state of the art ventilation system filtrates the air in each of our studios ensuring a complete change of air every 2 minutes (more than 6 times the recommended airflow)

In addition to this, our underfloor heating is thermostatically controlled to ensure the perfect conditions for practising all year ’round

Our studio classes now broadcast live so that you can practice with us in the studio or connect with us virtually from the comfort of your own space

HYD Studios comprises of 3 bespoke studios all at one location and online!

Can’t make it to the studio?
We’ve got you covered!