Summer Balancing

Almost August i can just about touch it… where has this summer gone?

I have had fun hope you have?? trying to get the kids into a more care free summer routine, as in getting them outside, splashing about, mucking about and then filling there minds with board games,cards & tricks in the evening….. its not always easy believe me but they need to be more creative with their games and the outdoors appeal, when they learn to balance it up, that beautiful fresh glow lights them up!

The last month i have challenged myself with delving further in an asana i find hard – like handstands and back bending……. its not about perfecting it for me in the instant, but seeing what arises, what changes, what needs to change…what inspires me, my body, my mind ……
I’ve been really body conscious in my practice lately, like really honing in on how my body connects and feels comfortable in a pose, how its supports, how it transitions etc and its like a whole new chapter of this love has opened up……Its amazing what the body is capable of feeling and doing when you really notice whats happening… like getting into that moment and being there completely… noticing…. maybe give it a try in your next class and let me know 🙂

So whats new? our Lovely Inna from @Yogaiway has spread her wings but keeping her trail intact with us, which we are super delighted about….She has been a pillar of fun, strength & creativity at the studio the last few years and we were blessed to have her teachings with us. Our new teachers leading the way are Sibylle Dallmann & David rush and the have opened a freshness that creates that lovely breeze you appreciate at the end of a hot class, its like deliciously refreshing….. If you have not made a class with them yet i strongly recommend it 🙂

Summing it up this month has been a bit of a balancing act – holidays and work, kids and play, goodbyes and hellos, on and off the mat…….. Everything opens you up… if you let it in……sometimes you may have to hold a bit tighter as the kids bounce on the back of your bike to go faster, but slow it down a tad and keep that bike balanced !!! You will smile, they will smile … together 🙂

Big love Jo & J xx

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