We all start as a beginner at everything!! We got you covered!

Come to enjoy, to learn, to discover, to release, to connect, to exercise, to be free, to be happy, to unwind, to gain flexibility, to build strength, to gain confidence, to see, to focus, to slow down and enjoy living…

We absolutely love inviting new practitioners into the studio! Believe it or not, the focus of a beginners’ mind is what yoga is all about, so a lot of the time being new can put you ahead in many ways!

Our teachers are creative, kind and patient, and we have classes specifically focuses on moving at a slower pace to let you really feel into the practice in a way that suits your body and needs

So your new to yoga
Would like to try it and unsure what class might suit you best?

As a beginner, it’s important to bring the right attitude with you to class, attend wholeheartedly and enjoy where your practice is at.

Keep your practice on your mat, meaning you will be seeing different levels in class, but it’s not about how you look in the mirror, it’s more about what your body is feeling and everybody is different.

Following the teachers instructions allowing yourself to go to a nice intensity but if it’s painful or sore be aware to pull back.

Yoga can be slow progress, thats ok… it teaches us to slow down and be more mindful... it requires practice, patience, progression… Enjoying the journey of exploring and gradually building your practice with time...

In essence you are tuning in and learning to become aware of how your body moves with your breath, discovering the benefit’s unleashing as you begin to open and release the various energy channels in your body. Building strength, stamina & confidence allows you to believe in your own wonderful potential.

Hydration is extremely important before, during and after class. We recommend up to about 1 litre of water intake in addition to your usual daily hydration during the day leading up to class you take. Again as you sweat your body will lose electrolytes and we recommend replacing these with a Coconut water, banana or equivalent.

Some tips for beginners

Our studio presents a range of classes suitable for those who wish to ease into their practice and see what all this yoga lark is about...

All level 1 and open level classes are a good place to start for beginners

What you need to bring to class

Yoga mat

This doesn't need to be an expensive mat, but please make sure it is a yoga mat. Camping mats and other similar products will slip around on the studio floors - "sticky" mats are much safer


Hydration is key. Please drink an extra litre of water on the days you are going to practice. As the body sweats, it also loses electrolytes. We recommend replacing this with a coconut water, banana or equivalent


A small hand towel is fine. You might prefer a yoga towel that fits your mat. We have this for sale at the studio

Small block

A yoga block is handy no matter what your level of practice. Yoga blocks can help sitting comfortably, balancing, building core strength, etc. We have these for sale at the studio