Yoga & pilates movement there are no boundaries

We at hotyogadublin unify the process to include, younger, more senior, beginners, more advanced... In essence, classes and a schedule to include everybody

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Yoga for beginners

As a beginner its important to bring the right attitude with you to class, attend wholeheartedly and always enjoy and be open to where your practice is at. Yoga is the most wonderful, mindful practice for both the body and the mind to help you release and incorporate all of its benefits not just on your mat but in your day-to-day life.

Corporate: nurturing wellness at work

Providing corporate yoga classes in your workplace is a great way to reduce workplace stress & fatigue, increase productivity and to improve the overall balance of relationships between your employees in turn creating a happier and more motivated workforce.

Mum & baby postnatal yoga

Our lovely Melissa form TummyLove leads this rejuvenating mum and baby Yoga class in our beautiful studio space…

Melissa has a passion for working with new mothers from the most magical stage of pregnancy right through to postnatal beauty…
With over 15 years of experience and countless training courses she presents this mixed pace class of yoga & Pilates to get you back in tune with your body while bonding with your baby!

Pregnancy yoga

Pregnancy is the beginning of a wonderful journey between a mother and her baby. It is also a time of physical and emotional change, by practising prenatal yoga a woman can prepare both physically and mentally for childbirth and beyond.

Yoga in the park

Yoga in the park 2021!
This is our 6th year running our summer sessions, to date we have collectively raised over €54,000 for Chernobyl children international, Lauralynn, Give India and St. Michael’s House Baldoyle… 2020 summer profits will be going to Chernobyl children international
Connecting communities through movement wellness

Together, we’ve raised more than


You can find us every weekend until September in the walled rose garden of Malahide Castle and gardens